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HVT Sai Titanium Wrapped Triple Quartz Rod Coils top view
HVT Sai Titanium Wrapped Triple Quartz Rod Coils side view
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HVT Sai Titanium Wrapped Triple Black Cermic or Quartz Rod Coils

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Porous Black Ceramic or Quartz options available 

These are the ever popular titanium wrapped triple quartz rod coils for the HVT Sai atomizer. They consist of a ceramic cup with three quartz rods inside, all wrapped with grade 1 titanium wire which provides a high level of temp control. The coils can be used on Ti-TC with all the mods we've tried and should be used between 15-25 Watts. Being no different from the other Sai coils - the bottom air flow variety can be used with top air flow if desired. 

The porous black ceramic version is the largest temp control vapour producing coil available for the Sai. If loaded while warm the ceramic has the ability to wick up and throw out huge clouds from your concentrate. We suggest only using these with pure, clean concentrates that leave minimal residue as this is hard to clean off. As with all porous black ceramic the vapour is slightly smoother than with quartz, but the flavours are also expressed a little less. 

If you buy any spare coil or bucket with a Sai Atomizer you can get 10% off the price of the coil/bucket, just enter the discount code "cheaperplz" at checkout!

As with all coils it's recommended you heat them up sufficiently to burn off any oils left over from manufacture and they will eventually need replacing. 

These coils can be loaded multiple times before cleaning as excess material pools at the bottom. They can be heated and turned upside down to then drain this out into tissue, then heated again and gently blown on to remove anything left on the coil. When the flavour starts to change and the coil cannot be cleaned in this way simply soak in ISO or similar solvent, rinse, dry and fire to clean. 

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