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Bubbler Water tool - clearance
Bubbler Water Tool - Clearance
Bubbler fill level
Small hole shown on clearance model
small drainage hole issue clearance models

Bubbler Seconds 14mm - Clearance

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Hubble Bubble factory seconds. 

We visually check all the bubblers before dispatch. While they will still all function as bubblers some have air/water holes which are slightly too small (shown in photos). This means they will likely not function quite as designed and are not technically Hubble Bubbles, but are still working water tools. Due to this we have dropped their price and stuck them in clearance so you can pick one up for a bargain price!

  • 1 x Hubble Bubble factory seconds. 
  • 5" Tall
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • 30ml Max Capacity 

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