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Eleaf Rim-C mod - Gradient Red

Eleaf Rim-C Mod - Arctic Fox Firmware - Single 18650

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The Eleaf Rim-C is the single battery mod which we will be selling set up with Arctic Fox Firmware for a variety of atomizers. They are solid small mods with an ergonomic shape, high quality buttons and long lasting silicone grips.  The Rim-C mods are wide enough to mount any of our atomizers without an overhang.  Made with a small screen and low profile design these are especially great for use out and about. 

Available in Gradient Red with the option of one or two Molicel p26A 18650 batteries. Please select your desired option from the dropdown menu. 

We can't restock this mod so are looking into a new single battery AFF mod, currently awaiting tester products to check for compatibility.

Materials List - Pre loaded on Mod

Additional Materials TCR, Wattage and Coil Resistance Numbers, more available on request.

We've made a quick video showing how to select your atomizer, change the temperature and use auto-fire function. 

Video on how to set up a new profile over an existing one, adding a new setup to AFF. Please note while we have used the Wismec the button combinations and menus are all exactly the same. 

  Eleaf Rim-c Mod Specifications

  • Max 80W output
  • USB-C
  • 2 Amp fast charge
  • 78g without battery, 124g with battery
  • 35mm x 82mm x 30mm (Width - Height - Depth)

 Safety Features 

  • Dual Protection Circuit with
  • Over-charge protection,
  • Over-discharge protection,
  • Over-current protection,
  • Short Circuit Protection,
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.

Please note that variation in output temperature will occur due to small variations in coil resistance from manufacture. The temperatures are set up to settle a little above the vaping temperature to compensate for the cooling effect from the airflow... so they are not exact. Rate of air flow will also make a difference to the end temperature, so you may want to adjust the temp to your preference on the main screen of the mod box if you find there is too much or too little vapour. The TCR numbers and any other settings can also be adjusted if you choose, we have only locked the coil resistance, we can provide assistance here if needed. If you are not comfortable doing this but want more or less vapour we'd advise sticking to only adjusting the temperature on the main screen. 

More information on how the TCR numbers are found and calibrated, along with an explanation of the inherent issue with calibrating temperatures for coil heated buckets (the temperature difference between the bucket and coil) can be found in our TCR setup blog. 

The only physical issue we've found is that, while being totally secure, some of these mod boxes/box mods have a battery cover which clicks when pushed in the very bottom left corner (specific, I know). We have had Eleaf produce a new batch of covers which have reduced this but not removed it completely from some of the mods. This isn't an issue during use but is an imperfection so we have listed it here.  

Please note we cannot ship this with batteries outside the UK. For international customers please order without batteries, we will automatically refund any international battery purchases.

It is not advised to charge batteries inside a mod/box mod, use an external charger wherever possible and please read our Molicel P26A battery page for more battery safety information. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The af firmware is a game changer. I had a RIM before but this blows it away.
I have since learned to install af and N Toolbox. I don't know of another seller who offers arctic fox pre-installed

Thanks for the review, very pleased to hear you're happy with the setup :) - Matt

Eleaf Rim-C Mod

Great little mod box, easy to use/set up. Very good battery life. Arctic fox makes all the difference!