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Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mAh Mod - side view
Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mAh Mod with KandyPens Crystal Black Atomizer - front view
Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mAh Mod with KandyPens Crystal Black Atomizer - top view
Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mAh Mod with KandyPens Crystal Black Atomizer - Side view
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Eleaf iStick Melo 60W 4400mAh

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General information
We supply this mod for use with the KandyPens Crystal atomizer - it can be used with other attys (general settings at the bottom) but it has more limited functionality as the TCR does not work properly so we wouldn't strictly recommend it for these. 

The Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mAh is a small basic mod box with a light aluminium housing that came out in early 2018 and has a proven track record. It has an integrated battery which lasts quite a bit longer than expected which is probably due to the high density battery and excellent internal electrical connections. While it has its flaws this is one of the most reliable mods we've come across and our favourite integrated battery mod. It has a smooth finish with a slim profile and is comfortable to hold and fire the button with either the thumb or finger. The fire button has a positive click, is responsive, has no play and is also secured at the bottom to help prevent accidental firing. The control buttons are also high quality and responsive. Charging at 2A doesn't take long to fill or top up the battery. The iStick Melo 60W has a small clear screen which faces up, a very convenient feature that allows you to keep an eye on your settings during use! Like most mods this screen is visible in bright daylight if a little tricky to read. The mod itself also provides very smooth vapour if used with a tank and the stock temp control settings are very effective, however the tcr settings on this mod are a complete mystery (seriously, please drop me a message if you figure them out!). We haven't found this to be much of a problem as the stock TC settings are so stable with Ni-TC working well with the ceramic donut coils with a little variation in output temperature at the bucket's surface (see below).

All the TC profiles have their own coil resistance locks and the TCR modes have one resistance lock for the three modes. If you don't use the lock the coil setting will be remembered and the mod will ask if you have changed a coil when  a different atomizer. These coil settings stay in the memory for some time but are eventually lost. We haven't found this to be a problem because the TC and coil readings are so reliable. Like most mods if the resistance is only slightly different it will assume you have attached the same coil and will not ask. Always remove atomizers, then change the setting on the mod before putting in a new one to avoid losing settings.

Using the Eleaf iStick Melo 60W with our atomizers. 

  • The KandyPens Crystal atomizer can be used on wattage mode and responds as described on the product page to various wattage settings. 
  • We stocked this mod with the KandyPens Crystal Atomizer in mind but if you do want to use it for our other atomizers... 
  • When using the HVT Sai ceramic donut coils with Titanium bucket Ti-TC works reliably but overheats the bucket by around 15C, so we set it a little low. 
  • The Divine Crossing V4 Crucible quartz bucket works well with Ni-TC with the recommended settings (33w) and maintains the set temperature fairly accurately.
  • The Divine Crossing V4 Crucible Titanium bucket works fairly well on Ni-Tc (33w) but the temperature needs setting around 30C lower. 
  • With the DC V3.5 it works well on Ti-Tc at 30W and reliably settles 15C lower than the temp set on the mod. 

The Eleaf iStick Melo 60W Secret Menu

Eleaf boxes have simple menus with button combinations that allow you to access the mod's full features. The ones we've found that aren't in the manual are as follows:

  • Display battery voltage - With the device locked hold the fire and - buttons for two seconds to display the battery voltage. 
  • Lock coil resistance - when the mod is on TC or TCR mode with an atomizer and coil installed you can lock the resistance by holding the fire and + buttons for two seconds. 
In the box
  • 1 x Eleaf iStick Melo 60w 4400mah battery
  • 1 x QC USB cable
  • 1 x User manual

Eleaf iStick Melo 60W Specifications

  • Battery capacity - 4400mAh
  • Output modes - VW /Bypass / TC (Ni/Ti/SS) / TCR
  • Output wattage - 1-60W
  • Resistance range - 0.1-1.5ohm (TC modes) / 0.1-3.5ohm (VW/Bypass mode)
  • Pass through charging (mod can be charged and vaped simultaneously) 
  • Dimensions - 85mm x 42mm x 22mm
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 136g
  • Aluminium body

Eleaf iStick Melo 60W Safety features

  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Mod over temperature protection. 
  • Battery charge temperature range protection (-5 - 50C) - ENU in menu 
  • 10 second automatic cut off (mod doesn't lock) 
  • Short curt circuit protection 
  • Atomizer resistance high/low protection. 

Please note this mod does not come with the atomizer pictured (KandyPens Crystal Black) unless purchased together. We have a bundle option here!

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