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Dulytek Pre-Press Pollen Mold Puck Maker - Dimensions - Sold by Recommended Vape Supplies UK
Filling Dulytek Pre-Press Pollen Mold Puck Maker with Plastic Funnel Card - Sold by Recommended Vape Supplies UK
Dulytek Pre-Press Pollen Mold Puck Maker - closed - Sold by Recommended Vape Supplies UK
Puck Removal - Dulytek Pre-Press Mold Puck Maker sold by Recommended Vape Supplies UK
Dulytek Pre-Press Pollen Mold Puck Maker Kit with Plastic Funnel Card and Puck Removal Stick
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Dulytek Hammer Style Pre-press Mold Puck Maker Pollen and Rosin in Stainless Steel

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The Dulytek® Hammer Style Pre-Press Pollen Mold is a puck maker or wafer maker for use before pressing material to extract rosin. Made of food grade stainless steel it has three parts which fit together very closely. These puck makers improve press yields and yield consistency and decrease the chance of filter bag blowouts during rosin pressing. They do this by compacting your material into a regular shape with flat, even sides and more even density throughout. This keeps the size and shape of your pressed material to a more even and regular shape/size which helps the resin/rosin/oils from your aromatic material release more easily and cleanly; improving yields.

If used with a rosin press filter bag, these can be cut in half if desired, the bottle tech technique can also be employed. This allows you to more accurately calculate the pressure on your material and press more at a time due to having a smaller area which doesn't spread during pressing, increasing the effective pressure on the material. Smaller bags can be used but we've found they're liable to blow out due to being overfilled. Pollen can also be pressed into a puck shape and placed in filter bags for convenient pressing of larger quantities. 

We really love these pre-press mold puck makers because they last forever and pay for themselves by improving yields and decreasing the overall input material usage. The Dulytek puck maker is especially good due to its excellent build quality, gap tolerances, strong material and versatility. Many pre-press molds are made of aluminium or plastics and so cannot be hammered or placed in a vice to press material which limits their uses. 

How do I use a pre press mold puck maker?

To use place the tube section on the short bottom cap, fill with your preferred aromatic dry herb or botanical (and preferred quantity) using the provided plastic funnel card then pack it down with the long internal shaft piece. This can be hammered with a regular (though we advise using a wooden or rubber) hammer, compressed manually by hand or put in a vice and gently compacted to form the puck. The puck can be removed from from the tube using the included wooden bar; then pressed or placed in a filter bag to be pressed. 

Internal Diameter 7/8 in / 22 mm
Shaft Height 3-1/2 in / 90 mm
Dimensions when assembled, H x D 4-2/3 x 1-2/9 in/ 116 x 30 mm


In the pack

  • 1 x Three Part Dulytek® Pre-press Mold Puck Maker
  • 1 x Wooden stick for easy puck removal
  • 1 x Plastic funnel card. 
  • 1 x Storage bag (now red not black) 

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