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Ispire daab temperature control e-rig
Ispire daab temperature control e-rig
Ispire daab temperature control e-rig
Ispire daab temperature control e-rig
Ispire daab temperature control e-rig
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daab e-rig by Ispire

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Includes our Long Drop V2 Carb Cap at no extra cost! 

The daab e-rig by Ispire is a high quality full temperature control e-rig with an all glass air and vapor pathway that comes with everything you need to get started... except for dab storage and concentrates! Induction heated, using a similar system to The Wand, the daab has heated glass inner cups with a ferrous metal encasement. Made from inert glass the inserts provide a clean and accurate flavour profile from your concentrate. Being induction heated the daab does not need replacement coils or atomizers, only new inner cups if you happen to break them! 

Made to last the daab bubbler and Reclaim Cup are made from thick glass with the clever use of a silicone gasket to absorb and reduce pressure on the glass. This also helps form a proper seal between the parts when installed. The base of the bubbler is also magnetic so when installed this applies downward pressure to the insert holder, forming a seal and keeping it firmly in place. 

With a user friendly design, the daab inner cups can be easily held, while hot, in the Reclaim cup which has a heat protecting silicone guard around it.  Held by the silicone guard your fingers are protected from the heat while you wipe out your inner cup with a q-tip. To do this simply lift and rotate the bubbler to free up the reclaim cup, then lift it out! 

Having full temperature control the daab is a great solution for convenient dabs at home or on the go; if you're happy to carry it around in the case. The temperature sensor sits next to the induction heater against the glass which is in contact with the reclaim cup. Readings are taken as the temperature rises, then as the temperature is reached power is decreased and adjusted automatically to maintain the inner cup at the constant set temperature. 

The daab is also surprisingly lightweight and has a stable, non-slip base. The shape is fairly ergonomic and comfortable to use even for folks with hands on the smaller end of the spectrum. The button is responsive and well placed and the screen is clear and easy to read, if a little old school looking.  

Another huge bonus of this design is the use of replaceable 18650 batteries (two included). Replaceable batteries means you can have one set charging while one set is in use, allowing for non stop dabbing! The daab also has a pass through charging function, while this will decrease the lifespan of your batteries it does allow you to use the device while plugged in and charging for extra convenience or when you forgot to charge your spare batteries! 


Cold or hot starts

An advantage of a full temperature control rig over something like the Core 2.0 which is voltage based is the quality of the experience when using cold starts. Cold starts are when you load concentrate into the heating insert and start inhaling before the temperature has been reached. This provides a full spectrum of flavour as it releases during heating. The advantage here is that due to the temperature control the Daab will keep heating until the set temperature has been reached, accommodating for the extra cooling from the airflow. This means for follow up inhales you have an inner cup that is not only maintained at a constant temperature but is also sitting at the set temperature. With voltage based kit, the sooner you start inhaling, the lower the final temperature will be as the heating is performed with a set pattern. 

Hot starts can also be performed. This is where you allow the inner cup to heat fully, then load your dab into the hot cup for immediate vapour production with thicker clouds from the start. 

When the daab is heating the orange indicator light will flash, when temperature has been reached the light goes solid (on) and the daab will beep. This beep is quite jarring and can be turned off. 


Carb cap design 

Normally we wouldn't have a section specifically to discuss the carb cap, but this isn't a normal setup! The daab carb cap has an angled tip designed to push the concentrate from the unheated bottom of the inner cup, up on to the heated sides. Due to the length of the carb cap and it's design, we advise always leaving it installed during heating. This is so the glass of the carb cap heats up, stopping dabs getting stuck to it before vaporizing! Since it sits inside the cup expect to see quite a bit of residue on the carb itself. We've got different carb caps (Long Drop V2) which will be sent out with each daab.


Finishing your load 

With larger loads we find it is necessary to re-heat after the session has finished. When the session finishes (within 3 minutes) it is recommended you manually hold the fire button to re-heat the device up to three times for up to 14 seconds. This works well and appears to maintain it at the set temperature, however it is a little inconvenient. The other option which is not recommended by Ispire is to double press and initiate auto-fire again. This re-starts the pre-heat and has a tendency to over-heat slightly while re-heating before settling back at the set temperature. We have found that if you inhale during this re-heat period the overshoot is minimal and you can then continue vaping for another whole session or until you finish your dab. Your call on which you'd like to do, manual hold is less likely to result in an overheating! 


Button presses

Two clicks to fire, one click to cancel heating. Or manual button hold. Nice and simple! Sometimes the fire button press doesn't appear register, this is because it has been re-pressed too soon while there is still text on the screen displaying information. You need to wait until this has finished displaying before re-pressing. When manually holding the fire button you should also press it once beforehand to wake the device or it may not register. 


Heating methods

While this is a full temperature control e-rig it does also have a manual heat function. This is performed by holding the fire button (from cold, not after an auto-fire session). Think of this like you are holding a torch to the insert, the longer you hold it the hotter it'll get... and it'll keep getting hotter until you release it! So if you'd like a manual rip from a cold start or to heat the inner cup for cleaning this can be very useful, just remember it'll heat the whole time you hold the button! This is indicated by the orange light flashing. 

Please note that this manual heating does not apply when re-heating within 3 minutes of a temperature controlled session. In that instance manually holding will act as previously described, to maintain temperature control. 



  • Temperature control - 5 degree increments 
  • Celsius (120-430C) or Fahrenheit (250-800f) 
  • Dual 18650 replaceable batteries
  • Pass through charging
  • USB-C
  • Around 12-14 cup loads at 230C 



  • daab Base (2 x 18650 batteries included)
  • Water Chamber/Carrier Cup
  • Reclaim Cup
  • Carb Cap
  • Inner Cup x 2
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Ring (installed on reclaim cup)
  • Water Chamber Silicone Bumper 
  • Dab Pad 
  • Dab Tool
  • Alcohol Swab x 3
  • Alcohol Pad x 2
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Solid Carry Case 

SKU: Dab-8145-1 - Required for warranty registration



  • Over-heat protection
  • High load protection
  • Low voltage/low battery protection
  • Over-charge protection
  • Max discharge 16A 
  • Sensor Error protection
  • No Load protection
  • CE Certified 
  • 1 Year Warranty (register with Ispire)


Things to note

  • This device includes a flashing light (during heating) which cannot be turned off. There is an epilepsy warning in the manual but we figure you should know this before buying too!! 
  • If you're a fan of clouds we suggest starting at 210C and adjusting from there to your liking. We run it around 240C to finish a dab in one session, this does depend on the size of the dab though! 
  • Don't inhale too quickly or you'll blow your concentrate out of the cup! 
  • Inner cups whine as they heat due to thermal expansion. 
  • Check out the Ispire daab webpage FAQ's section at the bottom of the page. There's some useful info there too. 

Please report issues with bubblers, glass and inserts on first inspection. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This thing is amazing, it has actual temperature control, no atomiser, replaceable batteries, full glass vapour path. I really can’t understand why these aren’t sold out yet! As always top service from RVS, had a warranty issue which Ispire weren’t helping with and they solved it above and beyond. My only complaint would be that I didn’t get a refresher bar with my warranty parts 😂

Hahahh I'm glad you like it, sorry about the refresher bar though, I'll make sure I add one in next time, I usually do!

Damien Delattre
Really good device

Tastier than my Rio rig and really easy to use.