Ceroma - Convection Aromatherapy Device - DIY Kit - Full Kit – Recommended Vape Supplies - RecVapeS
Ceroma Full Kit - RecVapeS Edition
Ceroma Full Kit - RecVapeS Edition
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop injector flaw
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop housing flaw
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop visible flaws
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop mold extraction marks
Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop injector flaw
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Full Kit - RecVapeS Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Full Kit - RecVapeS Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop injector flaw
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop housing flaw
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop visible flaws
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop mold extraction marks
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ceroma Housing by QaromaShop injector flaw

Ceroma - Convection Aromatherapy Device - DIY Kit - Full Kit

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Ceroma- pronounced (Seh)(Ro)(Mah) 

The Ceroma by QaromaShop is a heavy hitting, convection based, desktop aromatherapy vaporizer for use with dry herb. It sits in between the Taroma and Qaroma in terms of both flavour and vapor production, with it being most closely compared to the B2 head by CH for comparison. 

With fuller chambers we stir this once near the end, for partially filled chambers it doesn't need stirring at all. The Ceroma setup and stand is also a beautiful thing to behold... all in all it's a high quality, high performance vape. End game kit. 

Currently we only have stock for customers with 220v power supplies and we only have UK 3-pin plugs in stock. 


The Ceroma Ceramic Housings are aesthetically FLAWED and are not perfect. Please refer to pictures above for details on it's imperfections. These are cosmetic flaws and should not affect product performance. Ceroma is heavily discounted for this reason. Please do NOT purchase if you cannot accept these flaws. We have purchased the "best of 10" versions which have less flaws and so are slightly more expensive. 

Ceroma is molded and extracted manually by hand. As such, it is not machined perfectly like Qaroma and Taroma. There will be some minor chippings at the end of the joint and slightly on the threads, along with other minor cosmetic flaws shown above. 

Ceroma can fit almost any 20mm coil in the market. It is definitely the most flexible and best value heater housing in the market, that utilizes a 20mm coil. There are no other housings at this price point, that provides the purity and power of the Ceroma.

We have selected the "Best of 10" versions which have less flaws than the regular ones and are slightly more expensive as such. 



  • Excellent flavour
  • Serious vapour production
  • Metal free heater pathway
  • Metal free vapour pathway (if you don't use a screen)
  • High quality build
  • High quality materials


Vaping notes

  • Suitable for micro-dosing all the way up to around 0.5g max 
  • Vapour production varies massively based on your herb grind. Fine grinds produce more vapour more quickly and are more suitable for smaller amounts
  • For fuller bowls we suggest a medium grind as this helps reduce material compaction, keeping the airflow passing through and around the material
  • Adjust your screen after emptying the chamber so you don't load material onto an angled screen the next time. It's easier than remembering before you pack. 


How to set up

  • Unscrew Ceroma head screw cap 
  • If you're using the optional Ruby or Sapphire pills as a base to increase airflow; place these in before the balls. 
  • Fill gemstone chamber with balls, do not overfill
  • If using the optional pills, tap when you have partially filled the chamber so the balls settle around the pills. 
  • Install heater coil into Ceroma
  • Replace Ceroma head screw cap - do not make the cap tight
  • Attach Coil to PID
  • Place Ceroma in its stand
  • Attach power cable to PID
  • Plug in PID and switch on
  • Set temperature to 680 initially and work from there
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes to fully heat 
  • If your coil doesn't fit the housing easily without any force, please report this immediately to obtain a replacement. NEVER force it!


How to vape

  • Using the loading tool place the desired amount of herb in the bowl
  • Place the bowl onto your rig or bubbler
  • Place the Ceroma onto the bowl so it sits safely 
  • Inhale through the rig or bubbler
  • (optional) Remove the head and clear the bubbler of vapour - Pause your inhale when removing the Ceroma head or the suction will pull the bowl off with it! 
  • Place Ceroma gently back onto stand after use


What's included?

  • Ceroma Head (report breakages on arrival) (Best of 10 versions) 
  • 20mm Heater Coil (150w for increased heat speed) with Beech Wood Handle (1 year warranty on coil)
  • PID Controller with UK plug (1 year warranty)
  • 3mm Ruby Spheres 
  • Suet Jade Porcelain Stand (report breakages on arrival) with stand mat
  • If you would prefer a Blue stand, please just let us know in the order notes at checkout. 
  • 14mm Short Adapter Bowl (herb chamber) (report breakages on arrival) 0.4g max bowl capacity
  • If you would prefer and 18mm short bowl or 14mm tall bowl just state this in the order notes at checkout. They're all the same price. 
  • 3 in 1 Load, stir and screen adjustment tool
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Screens 17mm - 10 pack


PID controls 

  • Hold the centre button for five seconds to switch on or off
  • Adjust the temperature using the left and right buttons
  • To adjust the auto shut-off timer, when on, click the central button five times, then adjust with the left and right buttons from 1-5 hours. 0 means the timer is off and the PID will stay on until manually switched off

Please note the Crossing PID has a different pin-out from the QaromaShop one. You need a compatible coil, these are not interchangeable. 


  • When cold, we recommend dismantling the housing weekly and cleaning any residue out from the screw thread.



We love it when product designers really love their products, aside from it generally meaning the products are really high quality it also sometimes means they write excellent descriptions for them! Luckily both are the case here so we will kept our info briefer than usual and have included the Qaroma Shop information below. 



Ceroma is built for the connoisseur with a budget. It is essentially a high grade Ceramic housing with a specially designed Gemstone Chamber. A Ceramic version of Qaroma. 

The flavor of Ceroma closely rivals that of Qaroma. It is much harder than Qaroma but still nowhere as dense as Taroma. As long as you do not drop Ceroma hard, it should last a very long time. 

Ceroma matches the power of Taroma, but is not built as tough. It also closely matches the flavor of Qaroma, but at a lower price. It is like a hybrid of Qaroma and Taroma. Perfect for those on a tight budget, looking for a premium desktop aromatheraphy kit.

Unlike Qaroma and Taroma, Ceroma does not have a raised step in its design and can be used with most 20mm coils, whether clockwise or anti clockwise. For Ceroma, joint length is the same as Qaroma instead of being shortened, like Taroma. This gives Ceroma it's own unique signature, that stands out from her sisters. 

Ceroma has a glossy glazed finish to provide better conduction, by closing off any possible pores. The material used in Ceroma is used in applications such as hip transplant and body armor, and is considered 100% safe. It is a few times harder than stainless steel but is not as dense. Therefore, Ceroma should last a very long time, as long as you avoid any heavy impact. 

The built in Gemstone Chamber acts as airflow control, and for better heat retention/recovery due to increased total mass. You can add or mix Aroma Pearls and/or pillars of different color and sizes, for endless combinations and possibilities. We only offer 3mm Ruby Aroma Pearls at the moment. Ceroma is not designed to be used with an empty Gemstone Chamber. Do not attempt to overfill the Gemstone Chamber. 

The Ceroma housing is designed to fit an industry standard 20mm Heater Coil. These are common heater coils used in household appliances such as coffee machines etc. This is then plugged into the PID Controller. Together with the Adapter Bowl, Qaromashop Aroma Pearls, Stand and Coil Handle, your Ceroma DIY Kit is now complete and ready for use. 

Do not modify or use incompatible coils on Ceroma. 

Note: When resting the heater for a long time, the Ceroma Stand will feel like touching a bowl of hot soup. However, it is safe to touch for a few seconds. 

The applications for Ceroma are endless. Anyone who requires small scale, ultra clean convection heating, at precise temperatures will benefit from the Ceroma. Due to its standard laboratory glass sizes, modifying the Ceroma to suit your needs is made very easy. There are truly no fixed way to use the Ceroma. 

    Disclaimer and safety notes

    The Qaroma is considered a custom kit. The customer assumes all responsibility to ensure this kit is used correctly and safely. Do not leave this unit unattended when hot. Do not touch the coil or head without allowing it to fully cool beforehand.  

    • Don't overtighten the gemstone chamber screw cap
    • Always ensure your Ceroma is safely in the stand when not in use
    • Never leave your Ceroma unsupported in the adapter bowl 
    • When modifying your Qaroma contents always leave to fully cool before handling
    • Gemstones may still be hot after the Ceroma head has cooled externally 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Stuart Edge
    Ceroma vape full kit

    Brilliant item I can't recommend it enough, there was a delay with my order but it was very quickly rectified. No instructions at all but it's not rocket science to work it out. I will definitely be buying from here again. Probably way more than I would like to admit.


    Ordered sat here Tuesday 10/10 highly recommended

    Awesome, enjoy! Here if you have any questions -Matt