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StabWood Qaromashop Handle Black
StabWood Qaromashop Handle Blue
StabWood Qaromashop Handle red/pink
StabWood E-nail Coil Handle - QaromaShop
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, StabWood Qaromashop Handle Blue
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, StabWood E-nail Coil Handle - QaromaShop

StabWood E-nail Coil Handle - QaromaShop

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Stabilized Resin and Walnut Wood handles by QaromaShop for use with their E-nail coils.

Please note these handles are close fitting and need to be installed using a specific method shown in This Video. Take your time and do this carefully without forcing it to avoid damaging your cable. 


  • 1 x Stabilised Resin and Walnut Wood Handle
  • Hand made in small batches
  • Each Handle Colour and Wood Grain is Unique
  • Requires Manual Installation
  • QaromaShop compatible
  • Not compatible with other coils without modification 
  • Please note that these handles have imperfections in the finish if you examine them closely. We can't switch them for ones that don't as they almost all have some imperfection, so please don't purchase these if you're after a visually perfect handle! 


Before installing, please look inside the handle to see the depth of the area which has been designated for the coil handle. If you push the coil too far into the handle it can cause damage to the handle or cause it to break. 


The QaromaShop Description...

1 x Walnut StabWood Coil Handle in Green or Blue

For this project, we collaborated with a 4th generation woodmaker, in a remote village located in Bozhou, China. 

Being a small, traditional and struggling business, they do not own any vacuum ovens or similar equipments. Each handle is therefore air dried and is sometimes at the mercy of the weather. As such, tiny bubbles can be seen on the resin section of the handles. They give a unique look and does not affect usage in any way. Please do not purchase if you cannot accept this. 

We're also happy to share, that the woodmaker is now able to afford a vacuum oven, with the profits made from our first QaromaShop order. We hope this will bring them more opportunities while offering better products. 

Together, let's help keep traditional businesses alive! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ziyad Fayad


Ziyad Fayad

I like how the woodmaker is now able to afford a Vacuum Oven. Very wholesome

zakk toms
Beautiful handle

As someone who has done a lot of their own turning, i was reluctant to want to over spend on a handle for my incoming ball vape simply because i know if i had my equipment still, i could turn one myself for pennies. I saw these on RVS and thought they looked very reasonably priced for something hand turned on the other side of the globe!

The handle is sturdy, smooth and well crafted. Beautiful blend of material and nice profile turned to it so its comfortable to hold. Couldn't ask for more at the price point! As always, RVS coming through with the top tier service and products.

Stabwood handle

Yeah it’s good 👍 looks nice 👍


I needed a handle for my injector vape and I’m glad I got this as it’s beautifully crafted and works a treat. Do yourself a favour and get a little piece of art !!