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AVS Molecule22 M22 atomizer in Black with Oct-Core Coils
AVS Molecule22 M22 atomizer in Black Dismantled
AVS Molecule22 M22 atomizer in Black showing ESCC in Zironia Housing
ESCC Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible and Spring Clips by AVS
Spring Clip Orientation image by u/potadelphia (Reddit)
AVS Molecule22 M22 ESCC gold palted spring clips box
AVS Molecule22 M22 ESCC gold plaited spring clips bag from box
AVS M22 ESCC Spring clips close up

AVS Molecule22 (m22) Atomizer + ESCC

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This page has been created specifically for customers who pre-registered interest in the M22 + ESCC. Details relating to this situation can all be found here. Please read everything if you plan to buy one, it is all important. We will convert this into a regular product listing after testing the TC ESCC and when AVS have done a full restock allowing us to load up with the relevant products (m22s, ESCCs, mods, cables, bubblers etc.). This will likely be around the beginning of December however we have no control over this time-line. 

Replacement TC ESCCs are now all shipped. Please use the TCR number written on the pot by AVS and set the wattage to around 45W or anywhere within the range stated in the instructions (60W max). Due to temperature and internal mod resistance your TCR number may display slightly higher or lower than the number written on the box. If this happens and you are not satisfied with the heat up  using the provided TCR number please use the reference chart below to tweak it. Only small changes to TCR should be required if at all.   

TCR reference number chart can be found at the bottom of the page. 

    Please watch this video from AVS and read the instruction manual carefully. This is a new design of atomizer with specific instructions. If  you do not watch this video and read the instructions it is highly likely you will install a clip incorrectly, overheat or damage your ESCC. 

    AVS have made a resources and instructions page for the TC ESCC, much of this still applies to the OOS Wattage based ESCC so it is a good idea to read this too.  


    The M22 is an RDA (Rebuildable Deck Atomizer) so is compatible the ESCC and with a wide range of coils, these can be bought pre-made or made to your own design or used with the AVS ESCC. The M22 comes with 10 x pre-made Oct-Core coils from AVS which can be run on SS-TC at 20W. 


    The Energised Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC) is the main stand out feature of the M22. This is a unique design of bucket that is itself powered, providing even heating through the base and walls of the bucket within a few seconds, making it the fastest heating bucket on the market. Another advantage of this system is that the ESCC cools very quickly between draws, this preserves the flavour from your material providing tastier follow up draws than other setups. It is more like vaping from a wire, but with the smooth vapour produced by a SiC bucket. 

    Having a surface made from Silicon Carbide (SiC) it is resistant to chazzing/charring and can be wiped clean after each session using a q-tip or cotton bud. As the walls of the crucible are also heated the ESCC vapourizes material extremely, concentrate usually climbs cold walls and comes off more slowly. Here it hits the wall and vapourizes! 

    Airflow - Flavour

    This atomizer has by far the best airflow design of any we've encountered as it has a dual vortex system. Air enters the atomizer through small holes milled around the housing, these direct air anti-clockwise into the atomizer and are fully adjustable. This clockwise moving air is then directed into the ESCC/coil area via a small ridge in the cap which serves to spread the air down into the bucket. Built into the airflow cap is the second, main vortex producer, this sits above the bucket creating a strong vortex effect as the air is pulled up through it. This vortex pulls the concentrate evenly towards the centre of the bucket. 

    This airflow combination creates huge amounts of turbulence in the bucket causing the concentrate to constantly move and spread around the hot surface of the ESCC. The effect of this is incredible flavour, easily on par to that of a regular Silicon Carbide cup when used with a terp ball. Even when used on wattage mode. We're very impressed. 

    Due to the vortex producer being so effective we recommend using the M22 + ESCC by drawing air through it gently. If you draw air through it too quickly it has the ability to suck concentrate into the vortex producer/mouthpiece, it really is that powerful! 

    Handmade glass 810 replacement drip tips from AVS are available for this atomizer. 

    ESCC Dab Size

    Having a relatively small bucket 12.5mm (W) x 7mm (D) the ESCC is best used with small dabs, no larger than a grain of rice. It is an extremely efficient vapouriser and will provide large clouds and excellent flavour from these, the focus on the M22 ESCC being vapour quality and flavour, not huge loads. 

    Water Tool Use

     Like so many other atomizers the M22 is compatible with our silicone V4 water tool adapter. This can be inserted directly into the mouthpiece and holds in place perfectly allowing the M22 to be easily paired with 14mm and 18mm water tools. We will be adding AVS bubblers to the product collection when the new batch arrives. 

    Watts + Loading method

    • We have been advised to use the wattage ESCC at around 35W but prefer the results at around 28W. General range is 25-45W. 
    • For TC ESCC please use the TCR number written on the pot by AVS. We suggest setting the wattage to 45W. 
    • Please note you only need to remove the top part of the airflow cap to load the atomizer, it is not necessary to remove the entire top cap. Doing so makes it more likely the Zirconia Cup will be damaged. 
    • Load small dab into ESCC 
    • Melt for 2-3 second
    • Replace cap
    • Hold and fire for 10 seconds, begin draw after 2-3 seconds
    • Repeat until concentrate has vapourised
    • Enjoy!
    • Wipe gently with cotton bud 
    • Repeat loading! 

    Order of Part Insertion

    • Read Manual
    • Install Clips using instructional video, image also included in this listing for reference
    • Place ESCC into Zirconia Housing, posting legs through the holes
    • Insert ESCC with Zirconia housing into M22 base by pushing directly down (see video).  


    • Lubricate the top cap o-rings for easy removal. 
    • Wipe ESCC after each use.
    • Ensure your ESCC is straight by pushing down centrally. This can be done with a q-tip. 
    • While still hot, if blocking up, blow through mouthpiece to clear vortex producer, wipe clean from the underside.
    • Remove ESCC and Zirconia and with a q-tip soaked in alcohol wipe off residue weekly. 
    • If residue has soaked into atomizer base the o-rings can be removed and the whole base soaked in alcohol overnight. 
    • Always thoroughly rinse and dry after cleaning with alcohol to ensure no residues are left. 
    • If removed without damage ESCC clips can be soaked in ISO and re-used at a later date. 


    Included in this listing

    • Molecule22 (M22) RDA atomizer box
      • M22 atomizer (Silver/SS)
      • 10 x pre-made flat Oct-Core coils from AVS
      • Alumina Ceramic coil housing
      • Torx Screwdriver
      • Dab Tool
      • Replacement Silicone o-rings (medical grade)
      • 4 x replacement coil screws
      • Instruction Manual
    • OOS ESCC (Out of Spec - Wattage Only ESCC)
      • ESCC (Wattage based)
      • with Zirconia ESCC Housing 
      • 10 x gold plates spring clips for ESCC
    • Optional Pack of 20 x extra gold plated spring clips. 

    CE and ROHS compliant.

    Baseline Coil Resistance TCR Guide Chart. 

    Base/Cold Ω TCR @ 450f
    0.40 200 (0.00200)
    0.45 185 (0.00185)
    0.50 170 (0.00170)
    0.55 155 (0.00155)
    0.60 145 (0.00145)
    0.65 138 (0.00138)
    0.70 130 (0.00130)
    0.75 120 (0.00120)
    0.80 110 (0.00110)
    0.85 100 (0.00100)
    0.90 085 (0.00085)
    0.95 070 (0.00070)
    1.00 050 (0.00050) wattage
    1.05 025 (0.00025) wattage
    1.10 005 (0.00005) wattage

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