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AVS Hex-Core Fused Wire - 30Gx6/36G - 15ft - RecVapeS
VS Hex-Core Fused Wire - 30Gx6/36G - 15ft - Wire View - RecVapeS

AVS Hex-Core Parallel Fused Wire - 30Gx6/36G - 15ft

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The AVS Hex-Core Fused wire is the slimmest and second widest wire we stock from Advanced Vape Supply with dimensions of 1.7mm x 0.5mm. It consists or 6 x 30 gauge  SS316L wires wrapped with a 36 gauge outer wire. These wires are capable of producing large amounts of vapour very quickly. We prefer using the Hex core wires for flat coil or radiator heater builds, it is also useful for creating terp ball or rod wraps. Advanced Vape Supply make the best spooled claptoned wires we've used, they all provide excellent flavour and huge quantities of vapour. 

Being high quality wire made to exacting standards all the AVS range of SS316L wires can be used effectively on SS316L temperature control, we advise staying between 160-230C for the best balanced of flavour and vapour production. Note that these temperatures will vary slightly between mods and we've found DNA mods and some others such as the Aegis Solo 100W run these wires more accurately so we keep these between 180-240C . Before use it should be fired above vaping temperature to burn off any excess residue from manufacture. Excellent for TRVP V2 custom builds. 

Due to being a slim wire they are excellent for 4mm wrapping rods or terp balls with build still fitting inside the TRVPs ceramic half moon dish. These wires like all the AVS range produce large quantities of vapour and excellent flavour from your material. Due to their thickness these wires are ideal for wrapping flat coils - this can be done around the clamp bar of the TRVP. 

Use the code "mmmmwire" for 10% off when purchased with a TRVP Atomizer.

Reclaim can be wicked away from the coil at 200C by holding it upside down with a tissue held gently against it, the blown gently at vaping temp to remove excese oils. They can also be soaked in ISO, cleaned, dried and then fired on the mod to be cleaned.

General Resistance Chart from AVS - Approximate guide


Wraps / Inner Diameter 3.0mm ID 3.5mm ID 4.0mm ID

5 wraps

0.18Ώ 0.19Ώ  0.21Ώ

6 wraps

0.20Ώ 0.23Ώ  0.26Ώ

7 wraps

0.23Ώ 0.26Ώ 0.29Ώ


These are advanced wires designed for advanced users, you should have a good knowledge of battery safety, ohms law and coil building if purchasing. While they can be used with mech mods, like all our products we advise that these should only be used with regulated mods for safety.

Provided temperatures will vary depending on coil build, mod box and other factors such as the ambient temperature when the baseline resistance was set; these are just guidelines.  

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