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AVS Framed Staple SS316L Wire - 15ft - Recommended Vape Supplies
AVS Framed Staple SS316L Wire - 15ft - View of Wire - Recommended Vape Supplies

AVS Framed Staple SS316L Wire - 15ft

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No longer available - AVS no longer produce this product. We're looking into alternatives. If you know of a good some please let us know! 

The iconic AVS true framed staple wire has the largest surface area of the Advanced Vape Supply wires and is also the thickest wire we stock with dimensions of 1.45mm x 0.65mm. It is made from six strands of 0.1 x 0.4mm wire ribbon stacked vertically, sandwiched by two strands of 28 Gauge wire which is all claptoned with a single 38 gauge wire! This is our favourite wire for regular, spaced coil, temperature controlled TRVP builds due to its vapour production qualities. We've found that Advanced Vape Supply make the best spooled clapton style wires out there, every one provides exceptional flavour and vapour production. 

These wires create huge quantities of thick, warm flavourful vapour in very little time. They should be heated above vaping temperatures before use to burn off any residues from manufacture. These are brilliant for builds on the TRVP Atomizer and being made of SS316L to a high standard can be used with SS-TC. Due to the large core and temperature variation within the wire which helps give it such unique vapour producing qualitites, we suggest using this wire within the temperature range of 160-220C for the best flavour. These temperatures will vary slightly between mods. We've found DNA mods and some others such as the Aegis Solo 100W run these wires more accurately so use them between 180-240C. 

Reclaim can be wicked away from the coil at 180C by holding it upside down with a tissue held gently against it then blown gently at your vaping temp to remove excess. They can also be soaked in ISO, cleaned/brushed, dried and then fired on the mod to be cleaned. All coils will need replacing in time. 

Use discount code "mmmmwire" for 10% off when purchased with a TRVP Atomizer.

General resistance chart from AVS - Approximate guide

Wraps/Inner Diameter

3.0mm ID

3.5mm ID

4.0mm ID

6 wraps




7 wraps




8 wraps





These are advanced wires designed for advanced users, you should have a good knowledge of battery safety, ohms law and coil building if purchasing. While they can be used with mech mods, like all our products we advise that these should only be used with regulated mods for safety.

Temps will vary depending on coil build, mod box and other factors such as the ambient temperature when the baseline resistance was set, temperatures provided are just guidelines.

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