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510 extension cable pictured with wismec p80 mod box
12" 510 extension cable by SZ Crossing
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510 Extension Cable - 30cm

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These 510 atomizer extension cables are one of the most useful products to come out in recent times. They consist of a two high quality 510 connections linked with a  inch cable.. One end is male and the other female, for attachment to your mod box and atomizer respectively.  

We requested the extra length cables for people (like myself) who like to sit the mod on their lap with a tall glass rig in hand. The extra 10cm seems to make all the difference for this! 

Use code "cableBBcombo" for 10% off when purchasing this 510 extension cable with any bottomless banger.  

The main function of these 510 extenders is to provide a simple and effective solution for attaching atomisers to Bottomless Bangers, without the added weight of the mod box hanging from the BB. This helps the atomizer stay in place inside the banger and protects the glass banger arm joint. Having extremely low internal resistance these can be used with your existing temperature control settings, with no need to tweak them to accommodate for the extra cable length.  They can also be used for attaching your 510 based dry herb atomizer to a water tool or bubbler without the need for the mod to be included in the balancing act, since these are often placed upside down. A final advantage of this setup is if you do have an accident with your water tool, it's much more likely your mod will survive, having distance between it and the water! 

- 1 x 30cm 510 Extension cable 

Avoid letting your mod to fall forcing the weight to be taken up by the cable. Doing this can pull the cable from its clamp. It can be pushed back in but this will likely reduce the lifespan of cable. It is not designed for weight bearing (but we had to check!!). 

These are manufactured by Crossing. 

Please note this listing is does not include the pictured mod, this is for display purposes only. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrew Lewis
510 Extension Cable

Very good product and perfect for what I needed!!

Extremely handy

Fantastic bit of equipment, using it to connect a DNA250C mod to a Divine Crossing V5. Temp control seems to work perfectly.


510 Extension Cable - 30cm or 40cm - For Bottomless Bangers

510 extension cable

Really good does as it should, if you are using in conjuction with heat sinks remember to screw your first heat sink into the extension cable then put any extra sinks and then your atty on!
Nice construction feels sturdy and looks tidy!

510 Extension Cable

Makes a session with a bottomless banger so much easier. Loving the 40cm version which is perfect for me. Cheers.