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10g Bag of 3mm Borosilicate beads for Elev8r heater - Aprrox 280

3mm Borosilicate Spheres - 10g Bag

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10 Gram bags of 3mm Borosilicate spheres for use in the Elev8r Quartz Heater. As they are glass we do not suggest using these as terp balls in a spinner setup, it's probably fine but Ruby and SiC are much harder materials and retain heat better so are a much better option for this. This bag contains more than enough to fill the Elev8r quartz heater with balls to spare. We also have 3mm Ruby balls you can upgrade to or purchase instead, these heat faster and maintain more heat during use providing a more consistent vaping experience. 

These should only be used to fill the Elev8r e-nail heated Quartz heater, not the torch heated version. 

  • 10 Gram Bag
  • 3mm Spheres 
  • Approx. 140 Spheres
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in the USA 

Do not overfill your heater. Ensure the mesh screen is secure and evenly lined up in the top position inside the heater. Hot balls can be dangerous if mishandled, users accept all responsibility and associated risk from such modifications, these should only be done with care by experienced users. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephen Lambert
Got some neck this lot

I’d give a 3 star review but because they actually ask for a tip as you go through the checkout I will never use them again(this was the first time I’ve used them).

Hi Stephen, tipping is completely optional! We activated it at checkout as we have had quite a few customers ask if there was some way they could send us a little extra for being extra helpful. Since we can't take gifts this seemed like the sensible option! It definitely isn't essential to do and is there only as an option!

Mr N
A load of balls

And absolutely perfect for shoving down the neck of my vape

Antony Johnson
Finally I got me some balls

I’ve used these to super charge my flowerpot, and what a difference they have made. Highly recommend these to anyone trying to increase thermal mass in there vaporisers. Recvapes are awesome highly reccomend

Terrence Smith
little wonders

great for filling Quartz Heaters