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High Quality Rosin Press Filter Bags - 2x4" LTQ Vapour - Available in 26, 72, 90 and 120 Micron
High Quality Rosin Press Filter Bags - LTQ Vapour - 2x4 Inches - Available in 26, 72, 90 and 120 Micron

Rosin Press Filter Bags - Various Sizes

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2x4 Inch (LTQ Vapour) Rosin Press Filter Bags - Pack of Five bags - Select Micron Size from Drop-down menu. Available in 36, 72, 90 and 120 Micron. We also have 1.75x4" (Green Dream) available in 25 Micron - pack of 10 bags. 

We've held off on stocking Rosin Press Filter as we've been through many makes and have either not been impressed by the quality or not been impressed by the price! We've finally found some we've happy with, that don't also break the bank! Due to the stitching pattern these can be carefully cut down without immediately unraveling like many bags we've used. Both sizes have the properties listed below. 

  • Made with polyester mono-filament mesh 
  • Inverted Bags (inside out, seam on the inside)
  • Extra strong stitching pattern for excellent strength 
  • Take 4-10g (2x4") and 3-8g when used normally (can cut in half and fold ends over) 

Why Use a Bag? 

  • Bags can improve the amount of pressure placed on your material, with smaller presses this can translate into increased yield. 
  • Used properly bags improve yield consistency as you can always apply the same amount of pressure. Being trapped in a bag the pressure on your material is also more even stopping rosin becoming trapped in less dense areas. 
  • Bags can improve yield. Think about it like this, if you have a puck/chip that's been pressed there is usually a little rosin left at the edges, naturally the edges of a puck will be less dense than the centre due to the material spreading. In a bag this isn't the case as the material is forced up against the bag, applying more constant and even pressure to the edges (due to it being pressed against the bag) and leaving less of a thin edge for concentrate to be trapped in. Combine this with pressing larger quantities in a bag and the result is this - instead of repeatedly having small losses over multiple pressings you have one relatively smaller loss in one single pressing (or pressing session if you then fold and re-press), slightly increasing your yield. There are also often less losses in collection/transfer when pressing larger amounts less regularly. 
  • Bags improve flavour. As there is less plant matter to burn due to it being filtered out by the bag, your vapour quality is improved (plant combusts at lower temps than concentrate so this is very common). This not only tastes better but is better for you. 
  • Coil lifespan is improved (for non bucket setups). This is once again due to reduced levels of plant matter burning onto and gumming up your coils, keeping them cleaner, making them easier to clean and helping them taste better for longer! 

While they seem a little large these are a great size for use with the Dulytek Pre-Press Mold Puck Maker when using the bottle tech pressing method as they allow the material to spread out without putting too much pressure on the bag. When using 1.5" wide bags with these pucks weighing over 2g we've had them blow out often. After being cut in half with a 4g puck placed inside the 2x4" these only blew out on the third pressing after being folded into 1/4 size; at around 1400psi. The 1.75x4" also blew out at a very similar pressure.

Top Tips

Look up bottle tech. This is a method where the corners of the bags are folded in and bags are used vertically increasing the effective pressure on your material. Doing this allows larger amounts to be pressed with smaller presses. 

Look up chottle tech. This is where you cut your bags into tubes to use one bag for multiple pressings. 

For the 2x4" bags make pucks using a puck maker, then compress them to just less than the size of the bag so they can still be fitted in and the bag pressed vertically. This way you can stack multiple compressed pucks on top of each other in a bag and get 18g in one. With the 1.74x4" bags we suggest putting the puck in the bag, compressing it in the bag, then adding another slightly smaller puck on top in the bag, compressing this, folding the over then pressing for your extraction. Using this method it's possible to fit 12g into these bags. We suggest pressing over 5+ mins at lower temps (around 8OC) using the drip tech method if possible. Be warned this will stress your bags past their in tended design so you have to be carefully not to apply too much pressure or they will blow out! 

If using bottle tech with multiple pucks always press slowly, applying pressure in stages. You do this to allow the material to heat and soften and for rosin to escape the bag, skipping this and applying lots of pressure at one will often result in bag blowouts or reduced yields. Concentrate needs to be given time to move from the centre to the edges of the puck, the more material there is and the more compressed the puck, the longer this takes.

Drip tech is a method that allows you to preserve the smell and flavour of your rosin by allowing it to move away from the heated plates more quickly. This is done by using the press at an angle or completely horizontal (yep on its side), which is best and often easiest. 

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