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Why these Vapes?

There are a lot of vaporizers on the market... like... a Lot! Here at Recommended Vape Supplies you might have noticed that lots of our range is a little different from the norm, this short article outlines the reasons why we choose the kit we do and what the advantages are. 

Vapour Quality

We use all the kit we stock so high quality vapour is as important to us as it is to you. All the setups we sell are capable of producing tasty and clean vapour and the vast majority can also be used with temperature control, improving reliability and a repeatable experience. 


Safety is also tied into this, the products we sell all use high quality materials and are built with a clean vaping experience in mind. They have no glues or dyes in the vapour path and use carefully chosen materials. 


Every vaporizer we sell uses long lasting heaters, most of which are also replaceable, minimizing the running costs and also saving the environment as you don't throw away the whole device when the heater goes. Many of our vaporizers are also rebuildable with replaceable parts, so if you have an accident or lose something it can generally be easily replaced.  We keep these parts in stock so can provide full support for the kit we sell. 

Build Quality

All our vaporizers are built to last, being made from high quality materials with solid designs and many replaceable parts they can be used for many years with minimal running costs. 

Temperature Control

All the setups we sell have either temperature control or variable power control allowing you to personalise  the vapour your setup provides and have an easily repeatable experience. Temperature control settings can be changed as desired and we can provide assistance here where needed. We also provide useful suggestions for temperature control settings which can all be found on the relevant product pages. 

Versatility and Adaptability 

Most of the vaporizers we stock can be upgraded with various parts allowing you to tweak the experience with different vaping materials, water tools, mouthpieces, bottomless bangers and so on. This means many can be used as portables, but can also be hooked up with glassware when at home turning them into E-rigs or Desktop Vapes. This versatility and adaptability is a huge feature of many of our setups. Being able to take a portable 510 threaded concentrate atomizer then link it up to a bubbler/rig using a bottomless banger and 510 extension cable turning it into a desktop e-rig is a game changer. Doing this allows you to reduce the amount of kit needed to have both, keeping down overall costs and costs for replacement parts as you can have one device for all your requirements.  

On this note we also sell battery mods/ mod boxes with Arctic Fox Firmware installed which improves functionality no end. We even send these out pre-set up for our most popular atomizer setups and can provide high quality support for users who wish to add new profiles or change existing ones. The Arctic Fox system provides eight separate profiles for different atomizers or vaping materials and two click auto-fire function which fires for up to 60s or until cancelled; heating then maintaining the temperature of your vaporizer. They also have a wide variety of other useful features providing a solid upgrade over a regular battery mod. 

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