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Discount Codes

We've made this list of all the discount codes currently available on our website, we will endeavour to keep it updated. If you see any we're missed, please let us know! These do not include exclusive one time discount codes provided to individual customers and/or our email subscribers or seasonal discounts. Follow on insta and jump on our email subscriber list to make you don't miss out! 


minibundle - 5% off when purchasing a mod box and atomizer together

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

multicoil - 10% off when purchasing 5 or more Sai TAF or New Sequoia/Core coils at one time. 

getballs - 20% off 3mm ruby or 3mm borosilicate balls when purchased with the Elev8R E-Heater Full Kit

cableBBcombo - 10% off when purchasing a Crossing 510 Extension Cable with any bottomless banger. 

cheaperplz - 10% off coils when purchased with a rig or atomizer (excluding the TRVP V2 + V3)   

10off10 - 10% off terp balls (exludes 3g and 5g bags) when ordering 10 balls or more. 

makeitsmooth - 10% off water tools when purchased with an atomizer. 

510adapt - 10% off A.D.A.P.T. cap when purchased with 510mod bottomless banger for the DC V4 Crucible

lubemeup - 20% off Top Slide o-ring lubricant when purchased with any atomizer. 

siliconeadapter - 40% off Angled silicone adapater when bought with a Core E-rig

DynaDiscount - 10% off Tectonic Stem and Boodah bar when purchased together. 

stealthstem10 - 10% off the Stealth Stem when purchased with a StemPod Si