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2nd Hand Vape Listings

This page is for 2nd hand vape sales from customers we know.

Please contact the seller via the information provided in the relevant listing.

Recommended Vape Supplies holds no responsibility for purchases or sales made in this manner, we are just using this page as a platform to help people move their old kit on to new loving homes. Purchase agreements are exclusively between the purchaser and individual seller, we have nothing to do with this.

Please do not contact Recommended Vape Supplies requesting information on these products, if you require more information please contact the seller. 

If you're known to us and have a high quality vape you'd like to re-home drop us an email to discuss it being listed here. 


Ditanium + Extra Parts - Approx Value £330 - Sale price £232 shipped. 

- Please see ebay listing for pics

 The Ditanium comes with a carb cap, 2 x glass hand piece with whip tubing and WPAs/mouthpieces (I used one for concentrates only), a screen so can microdose, a glass mouthpiece for concentrates, dab tool and loading spoons (think that’s about it). The unit is in great condition and has been loved and cleaned regularly.

So that’s all the good, the slight bad is there are some marks (see final pic) below the part you attach the glass hand piece to which you can’t really see. These are from me trying to remove the pets to clean the first time and were very tight, now they are easily undone by hand so won’t be an issue again.