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Paper, paper.. pressing paper. Why we found our own.

Like many people we at Recommended Vape Supplies started pressing using bog standard silicon coated baking paper, tried grease-proof, tested out the ptfe sheets, oil slick single side silicon coated paper and even went as far as testing various composite material heat resistant sublimation sheets! From Raw to Devil Press and beyond we were not impressed. We encountered our paper tearing, being mechanically bound with our material, oils soaking into the paper, bleed through, removal of paper/surfaces with material... some were better than others but none of them really, truly worked. With our aromatic material being stolen away by the press paper we used we were desperate to find a better way!

Then one magical day the Rosinbomb rocket arrived. This press came with some truly special paper. After trying many more products attempting to find something as good, buying various parchments none of which worked as well, I contacted Rosinbomb to find out exactly what they'd sent out. We ordered some from the US, trying both their 35 and 55lb ultra silicon coated vegetable parchment and after testing both extensively stuck with the 55lb as it performed better this is what came with the press. This stung as the shipping and import duties/VAT came to around the same cost as the parchment itself and on top of this it had to be shipped across the Atlantic which seemed like an insane way to buy paper! Even as a supplier, shipping paper around the world and paying those fees is not cheap and adds cost to the consumer (you!!), we really wanted to avoid both the personal and environmental cost of doing this...

So began the search for a heavy weight silicon coated vegetable parchment (SVP) made here in the England that Recommended Vape Supplies could stock in the knowledge pressings would be optimal and our customers happy! After contacting... well... everyone we could find who produced it in the UK and attaining samples we have finally found something which in our tests performed as well as the black label parchment. Our 73gsm SVP is the closest equivalent of the American 55lb SVP, however due to variations in manufacture techniques, coatings and materials the 73gsm parchment is slightly thinner (0.1mm) and lighter in weight. This is made up for by our parchment having a finer and more regular surface which resists mechanical forces well and releases just as easily, if not more so (comes of very easily!). Resisting the mechanical forces of spreading when under load is particularly important to avoid bleed through, something unavoidable with thinner papers with less strength. The fine and very regular structural of our parchment stands up to this extremely well, taking three pressings (with fresh sheets each time) before the press plates showed any sign of the terps which escape through the parchment under high pressure and heat. This was almost equivalent in performance to the 55lb Black Label SVP in our tests which also took four to five pressings before anything showed on the plates! We're not going to say it's better because frankly the 55lb Ultra SVP has become the benchmark for quality pressing paper and we have respect for that, but in our tests it performed almost as well...  Releasing slightly more easily but showing signs of gasses etc. passing through slightly sooner at some temps. There is one advantage of our parchment, which is that when parchment is accidentally creased and pressed, the R.V.S. parchment straightened out more cleanly allowing easier retrieval of the material. It is also easier to unfold and retrieve material from folds made intentionally which we've found to be a big bonus under some conditions. 

Our suppliers produce a high hygiene product suitable for direct contact with food and quality is assured by both QAIC (QA International Certification ltd.) and by the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials (BRCGS) achieving an AA in their most recent audit. 

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